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Firman Convenio de Colaboracion para la Conservaci...

Las organizaciones ambientalistas Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, el Centro Ecológico Akumal, y Amigos de Sian Ka’an acordaron unir esfuerzos con el fin de reforzar las actividades de conservación de los recursos naturales de Quintana Roo. Mediante un Convenio de Colaboración que firman estas tres organizaciones para defender la gran diversidad de flora y fauna, y ecosistemas de Quintana Roo. (more…)

Ernesto Enkerlin Recieves Prestigious Kenton Mille...

Kenton Miller Award CertificateYesterday at WILD9, we honored two great conservationists: Ernesto Enkerlin and Kenton Miller, with the awarding of the Kenton Miller Award for for Innovation In Protected Area Sustainability.  It was a huge honor to see these two remarkable leaders on stage.

Enkerlin is President of Mexico’s Natural Areas Management Commission, and has created a new and accessible vision, a lot of energy and a willingness to try! Ernesto played a leading role in the establishment of the El Carmen wilderness area.   He received the prestigious Kenton R. Miller Award in recognition of his innovation of a new mechanism, policy, tool or field practice to promote the wilderness.

The award honors WILD’s longtime friend and colleague Dr. Kenton Miller, a world recognized leader in park and protected areas management.


Breaking News: WILD9 FILM SCREENING – “...

“Division Street” will screen in the Cines Siglo XXI – Theater 6 at 6:15PM Monday evening!

To give you a better idea of the film which will be screening, here is the trailer:

Division Street Screening at WILD9

Division Street Screening at WILD9

“Division Street” Synopsis:

Roads are the largest human artifact on the planet; they have fragmented wild landscapes, ushered in the ‘age of urban sprawl,’ and challenged our bedrock sense of community.  But as the transportation crisis appears to be spiraling out of control, a new generation of ecologists, engineers, city-planners, and everyday citizens are transforming the future of the American road.  “Division Street” is at once a portrait of both ancient wilderness and new technologies as well as a call for connectivity, innovation, and solutions to shape the emerging green transportation movement.

Shot in stunning locations throughout North America including: Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Everglades.

E.B., United States of America

Frans Lanting LIFE: A Journey Through Time Draws C...

Last evening, many WILD9 delegates and resident of Merida enjoyed Frans Lanting’s LIFE: A Journey Through Time/Una Travesia por el Tiempo at the Gran Salon de Club Campestre in Merida.   The evening started with several short speeches, including a welcome by Vance Martin, President of The WILD Foundation and Chair of the WILD9 Executive Committee and an impromptu welcome by Patricio Robles Gil, renowned photographer and conservationist.

Frans Lanting spoke on the vision and intention of  the piece, and introduced the collaborators on the project.  Then, the Yucatan Sympony, directed by Carolyn Kuan (score by Philip Glass) and the images began!  The images ranged from flowing lava to frog eyes barely peaking above pond water to chimpanzee babies compassionately embraced with their mothers.

Read more about LIFE >

Suriname Launches a Bold Plan for a Green Future...

Tomorrow is the opening day of WILD9, and among the great plenary presentations, the Minister of Physical Planning, Land & Forest Management of Suriname, His Excellency Michael Pierre Jong Tijien Fa B.A., will present in “The Importance of Wilderness: Tierras Silvestres for Latin America” session on the new green development strategy in Suriname.  You can read more about Suriname’s Green Plan in the press release, and also download “Suriname Green: Economic Development that Leverages Natural Assets, while maintaining Suriname’s status as the greenest nation of Earth.” (2.7MB, PDF download).

Last Update from The Jaguars...

Wet but excited to be here

We stopped at Uxmal ruins today

7th century Mayan. Great!

Casa Anna b and b is delightful

And dry!

Going to find food and up early tomorrow for meetings

The Ride of Jaguars Arrives in Merida – Read...


Jaguars in Merida...

Today the Jaguars travel to Merida…WILD9 starts on Friday! Here ist he last update from Alan Watson and crew:

We had a wonderful cruise along the coast yesterday. Stopped to look for sea shells.

Into the most beautiful city we’ve seen so far. Campeche.

Seafood is great. We drank horchata last night. Rice drink with coconut and cinnamon. And ate pan de cazon a regional shark and tortilla and tomato suce meal.

We’re staying for a museum this morning and then on to Merida in the afternoon.

Nomkhubulwane’s Journey to Merida...

Wet Cats...

November 3: Rain, rain, rain. The jaguars are totally wet
On a trip to Lacanja the curves were slick but the people were out

It was All Souls Day, Day of the Dead
We have many tales from our travels to tout

We found out that hogs fly and monkeys hide well
but the thing we enjoyed the most

were the tallest of trees, the unknown beasts
and the smiles of our Sapatista hosts.

Bill explains to local host that we came on motos

Pre-Congress Forum for Government Agencies to Begi...

Tomorrow at 7 AM starts the Pre- Congress Forum for Government Agencies, and we first embark to the Celestun Biosphere Reserve. We will be gone the entire day, learning about the Biosphere and management practices there.  Participants will also have valuable networking time during the field trip!   

On the second day of the forum, November 5, participants will gather in the El Cid and Asturias Rooms to discuss eight unique topics. During this day, we will provide opportunities for developing lasting relationships that extend beyond WILD9, provide opportunities to continue to work on specific ideas/projects between Congresses and allow every participant to be involved with brief and in-depth discussions. We will emphasize small group discussions, opportunities for individual networking and a few large group presentations.

Learn more about this WILD9 Opportunity >

Dia de los Muertos...

November 2: We are in Palenque on Dia de los Muertos. It seemed both a somber and celebrative evening last night as people bought flowers and filed into the cemetery that is right downtown.

Today we are headed to the jungle in search of howler monkeys and to learn more about the Lacandon Maya. We are leaving most of our gear in Palenque and going on stripped down motos about 100 miles south, along the Guatemala border. It is raining again.

Bill Meadows...

Bill MeadowsWilderness Society President A national leader in public land conservation and environmental preservation, Wilderness Society President William H. Meadows serves as the organization’s key spokesman and advocate. Meadows brings more than four decades experience as an environmental advocate to his position. Under his leadership, 5 million acres have been added to the National Wilderness Preservation System and the society has played a key role in the ongoing protection of national forest, national parks, national monuments and wildlife refuges. (more…)

Hungry Jaguars!...

We are eating our way across Mexico. We usually head out early, about first light and then stop mid-morning for a bite and a chat with whoever seems friendly.

A late lunch on the road and then dinner after we put away the motos for the night.

Lots of places to stop to eat. Every place seems to offer something different, and always someone comes up to us and asks where we are going, where we are from, some ask how big the motorcycles are, what brandnames, why we are doing this. Hardly any other motorcycle travelers, we’ve seen two groups of two so far in a out 1800 miles. So when people realize we are passing through, they focus for a long time on whoever is up front, then they realize there are more and quickly try take in the whole group. Children wave, everyone stares, many smile.

860 Kilometers to go!...

It rained all day but the air was warm and their steel was hot So they pushed on past Veracruz

To between the waters where the wind was high Alvarado was the place they spread the news

One jaguar was white as a sheet and his head hung down But he stayed in the saddle as they sped from town to town

His spirits rose as the sun emerged he even began to eat as they drifted to the south

They were wet to the bone but they couldn’t resist Chiapas, Chiapas was the place they mouthed Alan Watson

Merida Night Life – Fun in the White City!...

Every weekend night the town of Merida closes the streets around the historic plaza, and they bring out the band and party. This is not for the tourists (though you will enjoy it), its mostly all locals having fun!

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