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Ernesto Enkerlin Recieves Prestigious Kenton Mille...

Kenton Miller Award CertificateYesterday at WILD9, we honored two great conservationists: Ernesto Enkerlin and Kenton Miller, with the awarding of the Kenton Miller Award for for Innovation In Protected Area Sustainability.  It was a huge honor to see these two remarkable leaders on stage.

Enkerlin is President of Mexico’s Natural Areas Management Commission, and has created a new and accessible vision, a lot of energy and a willingness to try! Ernesto played a leading role in the establishment of the El Carmen wilderness area.   He received the prestigious Kenton R. Miller Award in recognition of his innovation of a new mechanism, policy, tool or field practice to promote the wilderness.

The award honors WILD’s longtime friend and colleague Dr. Kenton Miller, a world recognized leader in park and protected areas management.


Suriname Launches a Bold Plan for a Green Future...

Tomorrow is the opening day of WILD9, and among the great plenary presentations, the Minister of Physical Planning, Land & Forest Management of Suriname, His Excellency Michael Pierre Jong Tijien Fa B.A., will present in “The Importance of Wilderness: Tierras Silvestres for Latin America” session on the new green development strategy in Suriname.  You can read more about Suriname’s Green Plan in the press release, and also download “Suriname Green: Economic Development that Leverages Natural Assets, while maintaining Suriname’s status as the greenest nation of Earth.” (2.7MB, PDF download).